Week 24. Mastering Emotion. Being that light for others to follow !!!!

As we near the end of the process I am filled with gratitude for all the lessons I have learned. I will continue implementing these into my life each day. Loved week 24 in understanding our true nature. That grand illusion that we are, and how truly connected we are to this Incredible Universe. To really think how the unlimited power lies within us and by becoming the Observer we can create a different reality. I can finally open that window I have been looking through for so long. I have seen so many positive changes in my life. I seem to have a more focused, genuine calmness and peace about myself which allows me to connect with others on an incredible level. I seem to be attracting those things I desire, so Awesome !!! This brings great joy to my heart. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt the Miracle that I am, and my purpose is clearer than ever before. I feel a strong connection to others by being that positive force which allows my true self to come forward in all things. I sit, I listen and I know I am in harmony. I have become that self-directed unselfish thinker I have always desired to be. In the week 24 video, I do see myself within the Mclaren and Ofaso stories. That unshakable strength of facing and overcoming what seem like insurmountable odds to become a light which all others are attracted. I realize now how this played a huge roll in my own Cancer survival. I was told a lot of negative things and given small odds of survival, yet I never listened to any of it. With God’s grace, I maintained an unshakable positive attitude. I laughed, I smiled, I played uplifting music to all who entered my room. I took long walks when I was told not to because I had developed 70% loss of my ankle control due to muscle damage from the Hyper C Chemo. they called it Drop Foot. they said I would fall and get hurt, I walked anyway and actually did fall in the parking lot but managed to get up and keep going. somehow I just knew in my heart I would be fine. I always felt I would be better and stronger and would somehow be in a position to give hope to others who were going through this debilitating disease. My Dr’s are amazed at my progress. four years in remission and I walk perfectly!!! I have always been one to shy away from the pack. I used to think I was a little odd for not believing and accepting what others were conditioning me to believe. I know now that the voice, that gnawing inside me was calling me to be more and to follow my heart, my Dharma, that calling from within to take action in moving forward and believing 100% in myself. Love Scroll VI, Mastering my emotions. I will bring joy and enthusiasm, brightness and laughter to all I encounter. When I feel fear I will plunge ahead, if I feel any sadness I will laugh. so Amazing how we can turn any situation around in a second by redirecting our thinking and have such a profound effect on others. I am totally in control of my destiny and Grateful for all I have discovered through this Master Key program.

knowledge 2strength 3



Week 23 The Awakening within !!!

I am so moved at how this wonderful Master Key course has answered and awakened that which has been inside of me, just hoping and praying that one day I would find a way to answer that voice that has been calling for so so long. I see clearly now how we are one with this Divine Universe we live in. Until now I never connected how everything around us is a sign, a lesson, an answer, if we will simply tap into it’s immense energy. We are energy, and directly tied to all things within it. Wow!!!  Going through the mental diet, becoming the observer and not giving opinions has opened my mind in ways I could have simply never understood prior to this life changing course. I remember when I started how the old blueprint was shouting, No, No you can’t do this !! I was so afraid of that old thing in my life called failure. I was filled with concern of what others would think of me. How could I possibly fit this into my what I believed was a hectic life. By the Grace of God and a nudge from my wonderful Guide, I stayed in the game. As the lessons moved forward, like the child who keeps getting up when he falls, I felt stronger and stronger. I realized my perfection was not what counted, It was my persistence that would allow me to succeed. Each time I read the Scrolls, Emmett fox, Haanel, the seven laws of the mind, the blue print builder, I realize I am creating that compass I have always wanted, (that clear direction) of knowing what I really want in life. Knowing that I was put here to serve others and to give back. Knowing that happiness is not found in the material things we aspire to have, it is gained through love and joy for all that life has given us already. knowing the miracles all around us each day. Taking the time to sit in silence and absorb the magnificence of that which will flow to us through the Universe, God!!. Like it has been written, be still and know that I am.  Being grateful for every breath we take and sharing it with everyone we encounter. I love the lessons shared in week 23. The cards we write on Acceptance, Responsibility, Defenselessness, living each day as if it were my last. Avoiding the killers of time. Procrastination I will destroy with action. I recognize and and claim these into my life daily on my path to becoming that Great person, that Great force in the world that I long to be. I know beyond any shadow of doubt that I really can be what I will to be. I shall no longer conform to the pressures of the masses in allowing their opinion’s of me to control my thoughts. I have no desire to fit in !!!. I am a self directed thinker on the mission of having a positive impact on thousands of peoples lives. I will persist until I succeed. I can accomplish far more than I have. Why should the miracle which produced me end with my birth. I have loved everything so far and look forward to the next few weeks. I truly feel more awakened every day !!!!!awakening 1awakening 2

WEEK 22. Amazing Tools to live by !!

The time has come to rid ourselves of those cemented negative thoughts that have kept us trapped in that place of illusion we call the comfort zone!! that place where we have been  conditioned our entire live’s to accept words like Fear, Guilt, Anger, Hurt Feelings and Unworthiness as being the rule to control us throughout our live’s . We shall no longer allow these words to keep us from tapping in to that Amazing power, that unlimited potential that lies within each of us.  We no longer need to accept a life of quiet desperation. We can use these tools by making one simple decision to change our thoughts from negative to positive. We can turn those feelings into powerful tools which will lead us to any dream or goal we can imagine. Yes, we can breakthrough, and achieve that burning desire we have deep inside, and become more than we could have ever imagined. This Sundays nuggets of information were Awesome in showing us how we can change the way we view these words and use them as Incredible tools for winning !!!!!!!     pics of change

Week 21, A Miracle Indeed !!!!!!

Really enjoyed the webinar this week as we proceeded through a wonderful journey of understanding and seeing the Miracle within all of us and those around us. Like in Scroll IV. There has never been another with my mind, my hair, my mouth. none that came before, none that live today. We all go about life every day and rarely stop to think about what a miracle we truly are. I realize more now than ever, just how powerful we are !!! God is omnipresent (everywhere) simply by refocusing the way we think and using this great gift we can accomplish anything we desire. Understanding that all my problems, discouragements, and heartaches are, in truth, great opportunities in disguise. Isn’t this Incredible when you think about it!! Knowing, without doubt, we are the power of the source, it is within us!! That constant energy, that never-ending wiggle of atoms moving at 40,000 miles per second that hold’s us together so perfectly. Wow, think about that !!!! Our God is no doubt an “Awesome God”. To think how we are really all created as one, and can easily relate on a spiritual level if we open our minds. I get it!! If we are truly the observer, we can clearly see and feel the power all around us and use it to move us in the direction we desire. Like these words from scroll III, I will give no energy to words like impossible, quit, cannot, unable, out of the question, improbable, failure, unworkable, hopeless, and retreat. I will persist forward and be the positive light of change, not only in my business but in my relationships. I shall attach this Amazing feeling to my thought’s, therefore creating an irresistible magnetic power. Like the words stated in the Blue Print Builder. I succeed by attracting to myself the forces I use and the cooperation of others. I induce others to serve me because of my willingness to serve others. Love these lessons, and how everything ties together in me becoming that new person I desire to be. miracle 1

Week 20 Progression’s toward Success !!

Really enjoyed this week’s webinar. It really is impressive just how much we have already accomplished in this process. I look at the small consistent steps we have taken over and over this last 20 weeks. Loved going over Wooden’s Pyramid of success and seeing how everything we have done so far has so eloquently guided us down the pathway to our own success of being in control of our thoughts and so much more !!.  So many great nuggets, So many Great things that really make you Think which is the whole idea right? Love Scroll V. Again this ties in so well with Mark’s teaching of our life’s timeline and the importance of living in the Now. (How many Spring’s do I have left?) Completed our assignments of rearranging the furniture. Placing those powerful sentences on the eight cards and reviewing them every day.  what would the person I intend to become do next? what am I pretending not to know? and our sentence we read for 50 minutes. I have really been working on using those words like Fear, Anger, Hurt Feelings, Guilt, and Unworthiness as tools instead of negative connotations. Listed my top 5 words and compared each, giving me a clear roadmap of the priorities of each. Like we talked about weeks ago. Keep the Main thing the Main thing !!! focusing on becoming the hedgehog, not the fox. So many golden nuggets, looking forward to what’s in store for us ovesuccess 1r the next six weeks.

success quote 2

Week 19. Reflections of lessons learned !!

Ok, this week has been an off week. No webinar Sunday the 4th. Yes, I do miss the routine we have all become accustomed to, having Mark and Davene unveil a new week of golden nuggets as we move through this life-changing program called Master Key. If there is anything I have learned thus far, is to keep ourselves moving. It’s not the time to kick back, quite the contrary; lets rock!!  I have taken this time to go back and read through the past lessons in weeks 1 through 18. Just reviewing my highlights has been a wonderful way of working all those synaptic connections, and so very helpful in maintaining my focus. I admit that I have slid off the track several times, I can either feel bad about it or get my but back on. I decide right? Reflecting back on this material makes it easy to stay in the game. Just keeping that picture of the golden Buddha in my head reminds me of the lifetime of cement I have accumulated and knowing what I need to do to remove it. Is that cool or what !!. Persist in practice until you come to the realization of the fact that there can be no failure!!,. Loving Scroll V. I will live this day as if it were my last.  Wow, how powerful this is, especially after reading all or those Obituaries.  Today (Now) is all we really have.  It is so easy to assume we have Tomorrow. I recorded the Garth Brooks song If tomorrow never comes so I can listen to it daily. Highly recommend it !! Today I shall hold my children while they are young; tomorrow they may be gone and so I shall embrace my wife with sweet hugs and kisses as tomorrow she may be gone. Today I will lift up a friend in need; tomorrow he may no longer cry for help. These are powerful lessons I will carry with me the rest of my days. I am Grateful and forward to Sunday’s webinar and continue moving forward through this wonderful journey. reflection 2reflection 1

Week 18 Habits to Happiness !!!!!!

Wow what an action-packed week. Living in the Now. The old self is no more, yet she keeps knocking at the door. No!!!! I immerse myself in the five habits in answering the call, “my hero’s journey”. 3 Gratitudes daily. kindness wherever I go. Exercise a little each day. Relive those special moments in life, and Sit at least 15 min each day. We began reading scroll V this week. I will live this day as if it were my last. Powerful !!!!! reading several obituaries this week has really helped me focus on what that means. What will people, our friends, and family think and say about us when we are gone. Have we done all we could do? I like many, take each day for granted. We just assume we have tomorrow, Right !! I promise to focus on the Now!! that’s what we have and I will make each day count by focusing on making each day really count. Tell family how much they mean to you. Give those random hugs. Recognize when someone impacts you in some way, let them know!! be aware and look at everything around us. Experience the joy in the simple things God places around us each day. Think about when you were married, when your kids and grandkids were born and how you felt in those moments. Look back on those who are no longer with us, how much joy they brought to us. Did we tell them we loved them enough? No longer will I let that doubt burn in my mind. Think !! What dying man can purchase another breath though he willingly gives all his gold? What price dare I place in the hours ahead? I will live this day as if it were my last. I promise to bring positivity to all encounters. I give Hope for joy, affluence, Kindness, love, consciously with every encounter regardless of time. I seek Happiness in these things and refuse to keep moving the goal post in seeking success in order to gain it. I believe once true happiness gets inside you, everything else will flow to you. Law of attraction will be your best friend. I am awakened by a new light, a new force, a new confidence and I am Grateful!!!!! Live for today !!!

Happiness 1    happiness 3