Week 17, On to courage !!

The lessons I have learned through the MKMMA I consider to be priceless gifts that will carry on with me for a lifetime. By staying plugged in and practicing the small daily habits, that I have learned through this process makes me more and more aware and grateful for the abundance of my life. Realizing and focusing on the important things and the wonderful acts of kindness, courage, and positivity that take place all around me every day. I think about everyone in this program and think how we should all be proud for stepping out of our comfort zones and giving ourselves permission to step into our DMP’s. My promise to myself is to spread the word of positivity where ever I go. Remembering the lessons from Scroll IV. For why should the miracle which produced me end with my birth? Why can I not extend that miracle to my deeds of today? I seek constantly to improve my manners and graces, for they are the sugar to which all are attracted !!. I look back at how having strong faith and positivity saved me while going through cancer treatments in 2014. I refused to accept or believe that I was sick. I laughed, told jokes, I played loud positive music all the time, I danced around my room like I was high, and even had the nurses singing and dancing on occasion. I am cancer free today.  Remember the great words Haanel shared. To eliminate fear concentrate on Courage. To eliminate lack concentrate on  Abundance. To eliminate disease, concentrate on Health!!, looking forward to the lessons ahead.

strength courage 1


strength and courage 3


Week 16. Be Kind To Everyone !!

Loving the entire process of these last 16 weeks. This week of adding Kindness into the mix has been awe-inspiring for me. The feeling we get from just being kind to someone is truly heartwarming. Everybody wins!!!  I realize this week more than ever, that I  have always been one to try and implement some form of kindness into my life on a routine basis. I think I got it honestly from my amazing mother who lead by example every day. She was one of the kindest people I’ve ever known. She was always complimenting and building people up and would literally give you the shirt off her back!!  I too have always been one who would rather sit back and let other people shine. I truly get Joy from helping and giving to others. I have thought about Mom several times this week and how she made such a huge impact on mine and so many peoples lives and never wanted anything in return. Mom’s door was always open and whatever she had was yours.    kindness 2kindness 1

Week 15. makeover in 2018 and beyond!!

Looking so forward to the weeks ahead. We have received so many golden nuggets in this course so far. I love the entire process. The 3 grateful cards, adding a kicker to them, adding the shapes just brings everything into a clearer light.

Love seeing how everything is tieing together. I wake up thinking about all the great things I get to do and how it will impact my day. I get to choose how my day goes. I get my GS read first thing, then do my sit, then fill out my grateful cards. I repeat do it now 20 or more times, then say I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful loving, harmonious and happy several times. This gets me juiced up in the morning. I then move on to my BPB, 7 laws, DMP, then review the mental diet again. Practice, Practice, Practice.

Love Scroll IV, I am nature’s greatest miracle. I added this to my recordings along with some highlights from Saturday’s webinar. I love listening to my recordings I always start them by playing the song the river by garth brooks. What a great song.

On to reading Haanel and incorporating the assignments of week 15 into my day. loving the franklin makeover. rated my numbers 1 through 13. For me #1 is decisiveness, # 2 is being well organized. Realizing those butterflies that we often associate with being scared and fearful was actually excitement in disguise the whole time. ( love that !! ). A simple change of how we view words can change everything!!! seeing the compounding effect of everything so far is Awesome!!!

                                             Here we come 2018 !!!!  haanel 1haanel 2

Week 14 break. Merry Christmas!!!!

Goal. Remain focused!!!!!  flood the mind daily with all the wonderful things we have learned to this point. all the readings, the daily gratitude cards. Loved watching the movie Rudy. It was awe-inspiring to see his power of persistence and how it lead him to his DMP. (Wow) Listened to the strangest secret twice. We are so blessed to know what 95% out there do not know. It is so exciting to start seeing the results of gaining control of my thoughts and the profound impact it has on my life.  The biggest thing for me is realizing when the old blueprint tries to wedge back into my mind how my heightened awareness allows me to not only recognize it but correct it and move forward in a positive direction. I feel empowered using the mental diet around family members by refusing to get in on the negative conversations. I just listen and smile while thinking about the law of substitution. We cannot think about 2 things at the same time. If A Negative thought comes to mind, think of God instead, or some fond memory. Put yourself in a positive place right away. looking forward to the weeks ahead!!
positive thoughts

What!!! Week 13. Halfway through the course already !!! keeps getting better

Wow, the weeks keep rolling by. I am amazed that we are already at the halfway point.  Still loving the process entire process. It is true if you just persist, things will come to you and the light will eventually come on. I have been lagging in several areas but suddenly things seem to be getting clearer and clearer. Once you realize the cement is coming off, it is so liberating. I can do anything if I persist !! Loving the reads, and really tieing it all together is such a cool experience. I am no doubt becoming a better person through this process. best christmas message Just filling out the 3×5 cards alone makes me feel empowered. It’s a wonderful road trip down memory lane and I feel good about how many things I really have accomplished in my life. The 3 grateful cards every day really do make you see how blessed and fortunate you are. At first, I thought 3 things to be grateful for a day would challenging but it is really not at all. The more you do the more grateful thoughts come into your mind. What a wonderful time of the year to practice what we have learned with everyone we come into contact with. I wish everyone A Merry Christmas and a Wonderful and Happy New Year !!!!! and look forward to the next 13.

Wow, Week 12!!!!

Continue working on the flow. Haanel’s chapter 12 is Awesome, love reading it. So powerful!!!!  Getting my subby to see and accept all this bombardment of data we have learned thus far. I am grateful for the small but powerful changes I have seen in myself. I am no doubt more focused and aware of my surroundings and the Importance of being able to control my own thoughts. Focus, Focus, Focus. Get rid of any scattered thoughts. Remember the 7 laws. We cannot think of two things at the same time.  I have read my flashcards every day, 40 so far. Once in a while, something else just pops into my head and I write it down. I love reading them as it takes me on a  wonderful ride down memory lane. Just like everything else, this adds another layer of emotion which is wonderful in getting to that clear mental picture. I have been practicing using the bear hugging the kettle thought to help with stopping that constant negativity.  Working on that Mental diet every day. There is so much greatness in what we are learning. I am Grateful!!!!

mind power 1mind power 3


week 11

Here we go week 11. loving the whole process. Again I admit I am lagging a bit, but I love feeling and seeing the changes in myself. I feel energized every day feeding my mind with constant positive affirmations. The biggest change I have noticed for me is how I literally no longer procrastinate.  I wake up every day saying to myself, do it now, do it now, do it now, and guess what! I go do it !!!! I never realized how much more efficient I could be. I added recordings of Scroll III and my one sentence DMP today. I listen to my recordings every time I’m in the car. I know I tend to take longer than some to connect with things, but through The MKMMA I have learned how important repetition is. Keep doing it over and over and over and suddenly the light goes off and it just clicks. I understand now more than ever the Importance of persistence.  Like Calvin Coolidge said. The slogan (“Press On”) has solved, and always will solve the problems of the human race. Amen!!persistance 120717